Klinik Stellar Registered With National Medical Research Registry!


Inclusion In National Medical Research Registry

We’re very pleased to announce that our premium partner, Klinik Stellar has been included in the National Medical Research Registry, enabling them to conduct research, investigation and data collection into various treatments within the scope of the research.

Dr. Lai Jun Min of Klinik Stellar has been registered to participate in the project entitled: “Malaysian Stem Cell Therapy Patient Registry: A Patient Registry (Clinical Database) To Evaluate the Health Outcomes Of Patients who had received Stem Cell Therapy In Malaysia“. Currently the research is focused on Autologous Fat Grafting, with or without enrichment with Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) and Adipose tissue-derived Stem Cells (ADSC) for soft tissue reconstruction.

For more information on this research, head over to NMRR and conduct a search of the project title.

Official Authorization Letter To Conduct Cell Research

Official Authorization Letter To Conduct Cell Research

What Does This Mean For Us?

To be acknowledged as part of a clinical research programme is hugely significant. For clinical reseach to begin,  foremost to it is the pre-clinical research have been well documented and verified, inclusive of the methods, procedures and even equipment that would be used to conduct the treatments. This is done to ensure the safety of all the participants of the clinical research.

Secondly, you would have the opportunity to experience cutting edge medical treatment, which is not available to the public, yet experiencing it with the knowledge that a thorough examination have been done to verify the procedure.

Finally with the data collected from your treatment, you’re actually contributing to the development of medical science! improving the efficacy and delivery of these treatments for the future generation.

How can I be Involved?

Autologous Fat Grafting or also known as Autologous Fat Transfer (Autologous implies the use of one’s own tissues or fat) is a procedure widely used in both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. In the area of aesthetics, it’s ideal for candidates who are looking to:

  • remove the appearance of wrinkles, creases, furrows, smile lines or frown lines, marionette lines, or depressions in the face
  • lipoatrophy, which is loss of the layer of fat in the face that forms the contours of the cheeks and jawline

If you intend to conduct any of the above mentioned procedure, we would be happy to arrange a visit to our partners for consultation.