Fat Derived Stem Cells vs Bone Marrow

Higher Yield

Fat Derived Stem Cells produce higher yields than most sources. Hundreds of millions in a small dose compared to tens of thousands from bone marrow.

Minimally Invasive

Bone Marrow stem cell extraction is a uncomfortable surgical procedure, while fat derived stem cells just requires a mini liposuction to extract.

Research Proven

Depending on treatment, Research has proven that clinical results are the same (2012), if not even better (2013, 2015) for fat derived stem cells.


A quick glance of the major differences between bone marrow extraction and fat stem cell extraction method.

ExtractionA uncomfortable procedure where patient can opt to perform under general anaesthesia due to sharp pain. A needle would be inserted through the hip bone and stem cells extracted via the syringe. Pre and post procedure care required.Extracted from the abdominal area with the mini liposuction procedure, using local anaesthesia to numb area. No downtime required.
Cell PreparationCultured over a number of days to increase it's numbers before being deployed to the patientStem Cells are isolated from the fat with a centrifuge that yields high number of stem cells which could be deployed immediately.
DeploymentInjected back to the body via the veins, arteries, spinal fluid or directly into joints or organs in a seperate procedure.Deployed back into the body on the same day either through IV or injected directly into affected area.
Recovery Time Depending on the condition of the patient and treatment, downtime from stem cell therapy could take several weeksDepending on the treatment, usually up and moving within a few hours of their procedure

Treatment Methods in Malaysia

Over here in StellarCells we commonly encounter questions regarding the efficacy of fat derived stem cells compared to bone marrow stem cells, particularly for cartilege related treatments. Compared to bone marrow, fat derived stem cells is relatively new with more research pouring in to understand it’s adaptability in regenerating tissues and cells. In Malaysia, medical practitioners are also familiar with bone marrow derived stem cells as the adoption rate of using fat derived method has been slow due to the cost involved in acquiring these machines and the training required to familiarize with the procedure and treatments.

Stellar Cells system extracts SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction), a form of freshly fat derived stem cells which contains high amount of growth factors as well to get an extra boost in cell regeneration
Summary of Research

Latest research have shown that fat derived stem cells are performing better in treatments. In 2013, researchers from the Leiden University Medical Center identified there’s a 500-fold higher frequency of stem cells derived from fats compared to bone marrow within a small dose. They’ve also discovered that these fat tissues seem to be better at suppressing the immune system, which would help to reduce any side effects during treatment.

In a research that specifically looks into comparing both sources of stem cell for cartilege regeneration, It is found that fat derived stem cells are a far better source of stem cells compared to bone marrow for a same day cartilege regeneration stem cell procedure.


Based on research and experience, stem cell therapy based on fat derived stem cells is an excellant candidate for soft tissue repair, be it for cosmetic or cartilaginous joints such as knees hips and shoulders. Stellar Cells system extracts SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction), a form of freshly fat derived stem cells which contains high amount of growth factors as well to get an extra boost in regenerating cells.


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