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medical revolution of the 21st century

Stellar Cells logo partners with health centres that are registered to conduct research into cell therapy by Malaysia’s National Medical Research Registry (NMRR) regulated by the Ministry of Health.

Our partners are also part of Cell Surgical Network, a worldwide body dedicated to advancing access and quality care in the area of adult stem cell regenerative medicine.

“Stem cells have tremendous promise to help us understand and treat a range of diseases, injuries and other health-related conditions.”International Society Of Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)

How Is Stem Cell Used in Treatments?


Stem Cell Therapy has been around for decades, most well known for the treatment of leukemia, where it has saved thousands of lives via stem cell transplantation or more popularly known as bone marrow transplant. It is also widely used to treat certain blood and immune system disorders or to rebuild the blood system after treatments for some kinds of cancer.

Recent developments in stem cell treatment has extended it’s application to treat diseases or injury to the bone, skin and surface via tissue grafting and implantation , with the healing process largely dependant on these implanted tissues to regenerate and restore the damaged areas. Many of these form of treatment are currently undergoing late stages of human clinical trails with majority of those reporting positive results. These procedures are considered safe and effective by the medical community, hence it’s wide use as part of the treatment.

Beyond the use of stem cell in bone marrow transplant and tissue grafting/implantation, stem cell treatment are yet to be fully qualified in treating diseases, however diseases such as Erectile Dysfunction, Diabetes and Heart Disease are already going through clinical trials and have shown positive results.

Today, there is a huge concentration of research into stem cells worldwide, with countries such as Japan, Korea, Canada, US and the UK leading the way and the governments promising Multi-billion dollars in research grants. We believe the use of Stem Cell Therapy would continue to grow as more research breakthroughs are achieved and we at StellarCells remain at the forefront to unearth new discoveries.