Genetic Screening

The first line of defense when it comes to identifying pre-disposed diseases, allowing individuals to arm their selves with information about their own risk in developing diseases

Need To Know More

Stellar Cells logo in partnership with Malaysian Genomics Resources Centre (MGRC) is offering 5 different types of genetic testing suitable for every member of the family, ranging from screening test for children to overall wellness and fitness. The test is conducted on one of the most accurate DNA profiling platforms available, utilizing the latest research technologies available from Thermofisher Scientific.

Why Wellness & Fitness Screening Test?
Our Wellness and Fitness Screening is suitable if you want to proactively manage your health. You would be able to know about your body’s ability to detoxify, respond to infections and use nutrients efficiently. Besides that, it is also useful to identify if you’re predisposed to skin, bone of connective tissue conditions.

What Type of Test is Being Conducted?
In general, the genetic markers screened by this test are linked with:

  • antioxidant capacity
  • weight management
  • cellular detoxification
  • metabolism of nutrients
  • response towards nutrition and dietary supplement
  • Susceptibility towards injuries related to physical activities
  • conditions affecting the skin, bones and connective tissue


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