Aesthetic gynaecology, an anti aging treatment for women

Aesthetic gynaecology or also known as cosmetic gynaecology has been growing in popularity over the past few years as women began to realize that there are procedures available for them to treat discomforts experienced in the area of the genitalia or simply wanting to improve the aesthetics of the intimate body areas. Women from 19 years old onwards are able to seek these procedures, however, those above 40 are the largest group that seek cosmetic gynaecology treatments.

Aging, childbirth and weight gain/loss among women change the structure of the female genitalia; with some experiencing conditions such as vaginal looseness, enlarged or irregular labia or just simply a loss of sexual satisfaction. These conditions can be treated with the various procedures such as:

  • Labiaplasty: Surgery to reshape or reduce the labia.
  • Perineum and Pelvic Floor Repair: Restore the appearance of the perineum and more
  • Vaginal Tightening (Vaginoplasty) : Tightening of the vaginal pelvic floor and more
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation: Improve appearance, sensation, and function of the vagina
  • Hymen Repair: Surgical repair of the torn hymen

Aesthetic gynaecology can help you get back in shape post pregnancy.


The labia minora is the small inner lips on either side of the vaginal opening. The area of the labia can change primarily due to pregnancy/childbirth and aging, where the tissues weaken and causing it to be possibly enlarged, stretched or becoming irregularly shaped. In this instance, these irregularly shaped labia may be a cause of social embarrassment as it may show through tight clothing and swimming costumes. The enlarged labia may also cause huge discomfort during sports and exercise as the friction caused by movements causes pressure and swelling to occur. A larger labia may also lead to painful sex as it’s drawn into the vagina during sexual intercourse.
Labiaplasty is a surgery that would be able to reshape or resize the labia minora, with various procedures available to address labial shape and size.

Perineum and Pelvic Floor Repair

The area of concern is between the vagina and rectum, where some women experience damage to the area during a difficult childbirth, causing the area to look disfigured when healed due to a bad tear or poor stitching. This can affect confidence and cause discomfort during sexual intercourse. In extreme cases, it can lead to weakness in the pelvic floor and relaxed muscles, affecting urinary functions and even incontinence.
Surgery in the perineum and pelvic floor can drastically improve the aesthetic features and function of the perineum as well as the muscle tone deep in the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, improving your quality of life for ladies tremendously.

Vaginal Tightening (Vaginoplasty)

Vaginal stretching usually occurs due to the process of aging or after childbirth, where the vagina is unable to recover its appearance as the muscles situated on the either side of the pelvis gets stretched due to the position of the baby’s head at the base of the vagina. Some ladies also experience a condition called benign hypermobility syndrome, which could also cause the vaginal tissues to be overly stretched.
Vaginoplasty is a procedure that reconstructs and rebuilds the area of the pelvic floor and the perineal body of the entrance to the vagina, strengthening the muscle and reducing the vaginal laxity.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Compared to vaginal tightening, vaginal rejuvenation focuses on improving the aesthetic and function of the vagina rather than fixing stretched tissues. Generally, as women age or after childbirth, they possibly experience loss of sensation/satisfaction during intercourse, or incontinence due to stress, vaginal prolapse and even change the aesthetic appearance to the dissatisfaction of the individual.
Vaginal rejuvenation can be simply a vaginal and pelvic floor tightening to a combination of this with labiaplasty and perineal surgery to improve the appearance, sensation, and function of the vagina.

Hymen Repair (hymenoplasty)

Most women experience torn hymen at the lower part during the first intercourse, tampon insertion or through some exercise. The hymen is a thick membranous layer of tissue which encircles the inside of the vaginal entrance which allows the escape of menstrual blood.
It’s a simple operation which repairs the torn hymen by removing the torn edges before stitching the hymen back in place with fine dissolvable tissues.


If you’re experiencing or know someone that is experiencing these symptoms please do see an aesthetic gynaecologist or you can make arrangements with us to consult one of our partner surgeons for advice.


Written by Dr. Siw Tong Seng