2016 CNY Promotion

The Triple Promotion

For a very limited time period (1st – 31st January 2016), StellarCells is running a promotion for it’s most popular procedures! We have promotions for:

  • Non-anchoring Thread Lifts – RM8,000 (usually RM12,888)
  • Anchoring Thread Lifts – RM18,000 (usually RM24,888)
  • Basic Nose Augmentation: HA Dermal Fillers with threads – RM2,300 (usually RM2,800)
  • Premium Dermal Fillers: Semi-Permanenet Dermal Fillers with threads – RM4,000 (usually RM4,500)
  • V-Shape Facial contouring with BOTOX© – RM2,500 (usually RM3,000)
  • PRP Facial Region – RM2,500 (usually RM3,000)
  • 7 body section Liposculpture – RM9,987 (usually RM3,500 per section)

Find out more at 2016 CNY Aesthetic Promotion