Anti Ageing Stem Cell Therapy: Melvin Tong


Melvin Tong is an entrepreneur, visionary and risk-taker. Over the years, Melvin has involved himself in a wide range of businesses but his passion is now into cars and charity work, especially in his cause in raising awareness for the abused children.

Melvin was diagnosed from a rare type of malignant tumor known as fibrosarcoma, a soft tissue cancer that necessitated a limb amputation when he was 17. He had a hip disarticulation on his right leg shortly after the biopsies confirmed his diagnosis. However it has not stopped him from achieving his dreams, he has gone on to climb Mount Kinabalu, skied and is an Advanced Open Water licensed diver. He’s definitely an inspiration to all.

Melvin recently underwent the stem cell anti-ageing therapy and has returned from it feeling more energetic and less lethargic, giving him the impetus to keep up with his hectic schedule of running his businesses, running a charity and going round inspiring people from all walks of life with his motivational talks.

On his experience with Stellar Cells, Melvin has this to say:

“It was relaxing and considerably quick. Doctors were professional and kept me calm and comfortable during the entire procedure.”

As Melvin prepares for his second dose of anti ageing stem cell therapy, he encourages all prospective participant to engage and consult doctors who are specialized in this field. Stellar Cells wish him all the best in his future endeavours and looking forward to see him back at our clinic.


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