2018 Healthy Life Campaign

By arriving at this page, you've taken the first step to qualify for our FREE Healthy Life Campaign! In partnership with Klinik Stellar, qualified participants would receive an InBody Analysis (worth RM500) and a full hormonal blood test (worth RM2,000).

Just simply fill in your details on the form in this page and await our response. Our representative would then call you to arrange for an appointment!

InBody Analysis is a valuable tool to understand overweight patients or patients with risk factors associated with diabetes. InBody technology provides accurate measures for body composition through its four core technologies. That information is then translated into useful outputs such as body fat percentage, total body water, lean body mass and visceral fat area.

With a complete hormonal blood test, medical practitioners are able to detect a number of subclinical symptoms/diseases. Based on these results, doctors are able to advise nutrition and diet intake and optimize your body’s hormonal level which leads to disease and cancer prevention.

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