Thread Lift – Ms Lee

Non Anchoring Thread LiftMs Lee* (not her real name) came to us and expressed that she’s uncomfortable with the slight sagging seen on the mid-lower cheek section and have read some opinions online that it requires a buccal fat removal procedure.  After a short period of consultation, understanding her desires and discussing together the best methods to reduce the sagging cheeks, we’ve settled on the non-anchoring thread lift method. The thread lift method would allow us to delicately contour the cheeks to the desired shape without any invasive surgery and it provides quick recovery time. Image on the right is taken IMMEDIATELY after procedure was completed! No additional downtime required!.

I’m very satisfied with the results obtained, under the skilled hands of these practitioners, the whole process have been an excellent experience – Ms.Lee

The non-anchoring thread lift method uses very fine sutures which does not need to be suspended (anchored) to hold the lift. This allows the practitioners to meticulously and delicately shape the cheeks into the desired position. After about 1.5 hours on the treatment table, Both Ms. Lee and ourselves were very happy with the results obtained.


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