Osteoarthritis Testimonial by Mdm Tan Kim Choo

Osteoarthritis Stem Cell Therapy - Madam Tan Kim Choo

Osteoarthritis Stem Cell Therapy – Mdm Tan Kim Choo

Madam Tan Kim Choo has been experiencing pains in the knee joint for a couple of years and was diagnosed as having osteoarthritis. Initially it was still bearable and she could move around with just a slight discomfort. However for the past couple of months the level of discomfort has increased and she finds greater difficulty in her movements, experiencing pain after a prolonged period of walking and joint stiffness after some time it’s not in use for several hours. Simple task such as kneeling or bending also seems a little more difficult, and at times swelling on the knees occur as well.

Doctors diagnosed Madam Tan as having Stage 2 Osteoarthritis approaching stage 3, and begin to advise Madam Tan to try low-impact aerobics and strength training to help strengthen the muscles around the joint, which increases stability and decreases the likelihood of additional joint damage. On days when the pain gets more unbearable, pain killers were prescribed to help alleviate the pain.

Madam Tan heard about stem cell therapy through her relative and came across the services provided by Stellar Cells. After a period of assessment, it was decided to treat Madam Tan’s Osteoarthritis with cartilage regeneration therapy, a method that has the potential to improve pain, stiffness and function, as well as enhance the likelihood of cell regeneration to regrow the damaged ligaments.

I’m very happy that now I can move quite freely and with much lesser pain, just four days after the provided therapy! and now I’m literally pain free!

Initially after the first few days, Madam Tan did not experience any difference and thought much less about it. However on the fourth day when she begin to move about more actively, she suddenly realized that could move about with lesser pain. For joints stem cell therapy, the healing process usually could be felt in the first two weeks and would gradually improve over the next months as the natural healing process begins.

Both Madam Tan and Stellar Cells are greatly satisfied with the results and Stellar Cells is looking forward to provide similar relief to those suffering from Osteoarthritis.


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