Anti Ageing Stem Cell Therapy: Dr Lai

Anti Ageing Stem Cell Therapy - Dr Lai

Anti Ageing Stem Cell Therapy – Dr Lai

Dr Lai Chin Lai, 63 is a medical doctor, running a private clinic in the heart of Mersing, in Johor, well known as an embarkation point to the many beautiful islands such as Pulau Tioman, Pulau Rawa, Batu Batu and many other popular weekend gate away.

In the course of his work, he definitely knows about stem cell therapy as it’s widely used in medical practice, especially in the area of bone marrow transplant, however he admitted that he hasn’t known that stem cell therapy processes and method has advanced so much to expand into various form of medical application. After researching in depth, he decided to take the plunge and undergo the anti-ageing stem cell therapy.

From the start, Dr Lai is very pleased with the consultation and service provided, coming from a medical background himself, he knows that precise advise and ensuring that the client stays comfortable all the time is essential and he has no doubts that the practitioners here are qualified, careful and experienced in providing the treatment and he’s happy with the results obtained.

For so many years, I couldn’t gain weight at all. For so many years, I’m only at 50KG and that was it. After the therapy, I gain additional 5KG within a period of 4 months and it surprises me and my family members. At the age of 63 there is an increase in bone density and this surprises me as well!.

Dr Lai was definitely surprised by the results. Being a mainstream doctor and having his own dose of skepticism in stem cell therapy, he did not expect the vast difference he experienced, even after conducting his own detailed research and knows what to expect. The improvement in weight gain and the boost in energy levels provides him the impetus to carry on his work and would not hesitate to undergo this therapy again and would definitely recommend this to those who are ageing and needs the extra rejuvenation.


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