Stem Cell Malaysia

Stellar Cells logo have received a number of queries regarding the services we offer, especially in regards to Stem Cell Therapy and the difference this treatment offers in comparison with other Stem Cell treatments. This blog post intends to enlighten our website visitors the difference these treatments procedures offer.

“Stem Cell Malaysia” and Stellar Cells.

Stem Cell MalaysiaA search on Google with the term “Stem Cell Malaysia” might confuse the average user. Analyzing the first page results would indicate that there are 3 types of stem cell products/services that are being offered. Prominently appearing at the first page would be the company well known for it’s cryogenic storage of baby’s stem cells or also known as cord blood bank. Although the service provided is part of the overall theme of stem cell therapy, Stellar Cells focuses on providing adult stem cell therapy, a different proposition altogether, which we would explain later in this posting.

Another product that has gained prominence in Malaysia is the “Double Stem Cell” and “Triple Stem Cell” products by a local company producing cosmetic and nutritional supplements extracted out from the stem cell of plants. This product is not associated in anyway to what Stellar Cells offers.

Stem Cell Therapy that is offered by Stellar Cells is basically a medical procedure that reintroduces stem cell derived from the patient’s own body (also known as autologous stem cell transplant).The recent rise in popularity of healthcare clinics offering stem cell therapy points to the increasing awareness of stem cell therapy as part of a medical procedure with vast potential to improve and treat various injuries and diseases.

Stem Cell Therapy Malaysia

Stem Cell Therapy MalaysiaThere are currently two applications of human stem cell in the healthcare industry, which are drug testing and stem cell therapy. In the application of drug testing, pharmaceutical companies uses stem cells for testing the toxicity of drugs and identifying new potential therapies. One of the pioneering companies in this industry is Celular Dynamics, which sells human heart cells called cardiomyocytes, derived from induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. This solution provides the opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to assess the heart cells against a set of drug compounds to see whether it is toxic. There is currently no known companies in Malaysia that either supplies or are testing drugs with stem cells.

Stem cell therapy has been used since the 1960’s in the procedure now known as bone marrow transplant. However since the 1990’s, researchers have discovered a vast application of stem cell therapy for medical treatment purposes and intensive research and clinical testing have been ongoing since then to bring this treatment method to the fore.

Stem Cell therapy has taken root in Malaysia with a number of healthcare clinics offering various forms of stem cell therapy. The focus of these treatments are on adult stem cells, where stem cells are extracted from the tissue, which are then reintroduced back into the host body.

Stem Cell Research Malaysia

Stem Cell Research MalaysiaStem cell research in Malaysia is still in it’s infancy, with one of the first centre that was established is the Stem Cell Research Laboratory (SCRL) by Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia in 2007. The government of Malaysia released a circular to provide guidelines to organizations in both the public and private sector in stem cell research and stem cell therapy in 2009. Besides guidelines, the government of Malaysia has also established stem cell research under the Biotechnology initiative, driving private and public partnerships to further advance stem cell research in Malaysia. The initiative is driven by Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation.

Stem Cell Treatment Malaysia

Stem Cell treatment is used to treat various forms of diseases and injuries. Although many of the treatments have not been formally recognized by health regulators due to limited clinical results obtained, many patients have experienced remarkable recoveries, not only documented by private healthcare centres, but also medical faculties in higher education such as Stanford’s University Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine. The successes recorded has contributed to the proliferation of stem cell therapy centres worldwide.

To date Stem Cell therapy is known to be used for: