Proven and Successful Stem Cell Treatment for Knee Joints

Stem-Cell-Therapy-Knee-JointThe Stem Cell world is abuzz with recent results obtained for patients undergoing stem cell therapy to treat damaged joints. The research is ongoing and is conducted at the Melbourne Stem Cell Center, which focuses on stem cell treatments to improve mobility in the knee, hip, ankle joints and those who are suffering from osteoarthritis. Based on the results obtained so far, most experienced at least the reduction in pain levels by half, and at least half have reported up to 75% reduction in pain.

The results is consistent with the recent study conducted by The Villar Bajwa Practice Group where researchers found evidence for significant, maintained improvement in pain and functional scores (of approximately 25%). The research is conducted on 80 patients with the age range of between 19 and 69.

It has to be noted that both research centers deploy different forms of stem cell therapy treatment, with the Melbourne Stem Cell Center sourcing stem cells from the fats whilst The Villar Bajwa Practice Group utilizes the stem cells extracted from the bone marrow. Although different, the results have been encouraging and provide patients with another non-surgical treatment method to treat pains at the joint area.

One of the key reasons that stem cell treatment is a key candidate for treating joint pains is it’s ability to regenerate cells, and as reported by the Melbourne Stem Cell Center, X-rays has shown that cartilage regenerated in areas where the stem cells were injected. One of the patient who was scheduled for a knee replacement surgery was practically saved from undergoing the operation, as the stem cell treatment has vastly improved his mobility and able to do light walking exercises. The Center currently is planning to expand it’s treatment research to treat lower back pains and Multiple Sclerosis.

To view the video report, click here: World’s First Stem Cell Trial Regrows Damaged Cartilage