Medical Tourism in Melaka

Medical Tourism MElaka

UNESCO World Heritage City

Melaka Medical TourismMelaka was declared as a UNESCO world heritage city in July 2008, and since then have welcomed millions of visitors around the world, including those who came under health tourism packages. In 2014 alone, over 500,000 tourists sought medical treatment in Melaka, making it one of the most popular spots in Malaysia for health tourism. The bulk of visitors has traditionally been from nearby countries such as Singapore and Indonesia, but has recently seen growth from other nations such as Australia, Philippines, China and the Middle East. Many tourist visit Melka hospitals to seek consultation and treatment in the areas of cardiology, dentistry, gastroenterology, screenings, general surgery, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, and aesthetics.

Quality & Affordable Healthcare

17157113_mlThey key factor that makes Melaka a top destination for medical tourism is the quality and affordability of treatment provided, which is unsurpassed elsewhere in Malaysia. In general, the quality of healthcare in Malaysia is top notch, even attested by the American publication International Living, where it rated Malaysia as the third best out of 24 countries in its 2014 Global Retirement Index – beating out Spain, Italy, Ireland and New Zealand, among other countries. Even the UN Development Programme has called The Malaysian Healthcare System a “model for other developing countries“. Tourist usually opt to undergo treatments and procedures in private hospitals as they provide higher level of comfort and personalized attention in comparison to the public healthcare system although equally good, but usually suffers from overcrowding.

Medical doctors in Malaysia undergo rigorous training just to be recognized as a general medical practitioner, and continuous education and training by both the public and private healthcare providers enhances the knowledge and skills further, making Malaysian doctors one of the most sought after practitioners worldwide. Melaka is home to one of the most prominent private healthcare education provider, Manipal Medical College, with many of it’s students undergoing a 2.5 years training in Manipal, India before returning to Melaka, Malaysia for the remaining 2.5 years in Melaka for clinical studies. The Melaka General Hospital also serves as a training ground for houseman’s who undergo a compulsory 4 year training in it’s large healthcare facility under the watchful eye of many top specialists.

Private healthcare providers in Melaka continually invest in various high quality equipment for diagnostic and treatment purposes, with many aiming to enhance their credibility in offering accurate diagnostic and quality treatment, further enhancing their reputation as a medical centre.


The private hospitals in Melaka offers high level of comfort if you’re staying in the hospital for treatments, however if you’re undergoing day treatments or just consultations, Melaka offers one of the widest choices of accomodations to suit your taste. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Melaka is home to many hotels, from boutique hotels, private accommodations to luxury spas, Melaka has accommodations that would be able to meet your budget needs, even as low as USD30 per night for a basic and clean hotel room!.

Things to Do

38791046_mlMelaka is famous for it’s rich heritage and it’s reflected in the people,local food and building architecture. You can hop on to this website hosted by to glean more information on things to do. While recuperating, you can enjoy the sights and sounds, the exotic dishes or can even opt for retail therapy with it’s myriad of shopping centre’s around the city.

A culture that you should not miss to witness is the Peranakan culture or also known as the Baba-Nyonya. Descended from mix marriages between chinese immigrants and locals during the 15th and 17th century, the culture is still alive and is reflected in it’s food, art, lifestyle and architecture.

Stellar Cells & Medical Tourism

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